Our mission

Striving for informed decision-making across Connecticut, we empower an ecosystem of data users by democratizing access to public data and building data literacy.

How we implement our mission

  • Lead, convene and facilitate statewide conferences, forums and open data calls in bringing data users together to advance a common agenda around data development, access, standards, and use 
  • Hold and design CTData Academy workshops that increase data literacy and expand organizational capacity
  • Partner with organizations to liberate, analyze, process, and visualize data
  • Make data digestible and intelligible through online visualizations and data storytelling for public consumption and reuse
  • Provide a data “helpline” by assisting data users with obtaining, displaying, interpreting, and using data

What we are accomplishing...

Our 2017 Annual Report, download it here.

Our team

Michelle Riordan-Nold, Executive Director

Michelle is responsible for executing the vision and strategy of the Collaborative which seeks to advance open data statewide and to facilitate data-driven decision making. She seeks to increase the use of public open data and grow the community of users across the state.

Phone: 860.571.6214

Rachel Leventhal-Weiner, Data Engagement Specialist

Rachel is a sociologist interested in translating complex data into useful information to support the work of nonprofits, community organizations and state agencies. She is responsible for the CTData Academy and for contributing to CTData’s growing repository of data stories.

Phone: 860.571.6215

Jenna Daly, Data Manager

Jenna is an engineer and business analyst responsible for the wrangling, cleaning, and processing of the data that is presented on our data portal. She brings experience as a data analyst and programmer to help develop data tools and processes. 

Phone: 860.571.6216

Ilya Ilyankou, Data Viz Intern

Ilya is a senior at Trinity College majoring in Computer Science and Studio Arts. He spent a year at Oxford studying AI, machine learning, data visualization, and game theory. He codes in python, JavaScript, C, and Java. He is helping the team with several data visualization stories and projects. Stay tuned for release in the winter/spring of 2018.