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Why the citizenship question is cause for worry

On our monthly open data calls, we have provided updates on data in the news and the biggest newsmaker by far has been Census 2020. Besides the challenges the Census Bureau has faced in maintaining their federal funding and finding new leadership, a recent hiccup has put the accuracy of the Census 2020 count in jeopardy. 

Several months ago, the Justice department made a request that a question on citizenship be included in the Census ...

Where are Opioid deaths occurring in Connecticut?

Opioid deaths have doubled and tripled in some towns in Connecticut in only six years. Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury, and Hartford have the highest rates per population. However, many smaller towns have seen their rates of death triple as well. 

The Connecticut Medical Examiner published accidental drug related deaths from 2012-2017 on We take these data and do a fair amount of cleaning (see Jenna Daly's post, "Accidental Opioid-related deaths in ...

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