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Our data portal contains over 135 datasets that we have curated and processed into a machine-readable structure. Use our custom data-exploration tools to narrow your selection, or download raw data in bulk and explore data on your own. You can browse by topic, search by organization, or search by dataset.

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New Housing Data Portal

Today we are launching what is the beginning of a housing data portal:! This project began as a quest to understand the difference between multiple data sources for a particular indicator. The inquiry evolved into this new data portal focused on multiple sources of housing data. This housing data portal gives users the ability to explore, download, and analyze housing data in your town.

We examined the strengths and weaknesses of different ...

Support Open Data Legislation

On Monday, February 26th at 11am in Room 2A of the LOB, the General Administration and Elections Committee will have a public hearing for H.B. 5172, "An Act Concerning State Agency Data Management and Processes, the Transmittal of Town Property Assessment Information and the Suspension of Certain Regulatory Requirements." This legislation will codify the Open Data Executive Order #39.

When a new Governor is elected Governor Malloy's Executive Orders become obsolete. Therefore, we ...

Launch of the New CONNECT Dashboard

These dashboards display selected indicators by DCF region and for the state. In partnership with the Connecticut Network of Care Transformation (CONNECT) project, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved CONNECT dashboards.

In the dashboard, you will find aggregated data on such topics as -- Juvenile Justice, Behavioral Health, and Education-- and then within each topic, indicator data by DCF region. For example, you can explore utilization of Birth to Three ...

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