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The Connecticut Data Collaborative is a public-private partnership that advocates for the public availability of open and accessible data to drive planning, policy, budgeting and decision making in Connecticut at the state, regional and local levels. We are a user-driven organization, serving nonprofits, advocates, policymakers, community groups, and funders in using data to drive policy and improve programs and services.

In addition to providing open access to structured and processed data, we can also work with you on to solve your custom data needs. Contact us for more information.



Our data portal contains over 135 datasets that we have curated and processed into a machine-readable structure. Use our custom data-exploration tools to narrow your selection, or download raw data in bulk and explore data on your own. You can browse by topic, search by organization, or search by dataset.

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CT Data convenes 7th Conference: Counting What Matters

On Friday, December 9, 2016, data professionals from across Connecticut gathered at the Lyceum in Hartford to spend a day learning, networking, and honing their skills at the Connecticut Data Collaborative’s winter conference, Counting What Matters: Better Data for Better Policy in Connecticut. Thanks to CT-N, you can watch a broadcast of many of the day's sessions here.

The theme of the conference, Counting What Matters, taps into a growing concern that as ...

When data drives policy state advances

It was once said that “Numbers have life; they're not just symbols on paper.” The Connecticut Data Collaborative is working diligently to breathe life into the state’s data — to advance effective planning and decision-making through the use of open and accessible data.

The results thus far have been encouraging, showcasing the many ways that data can (and should) inform state policy-making and decision-making in the public and private sector. Now, the efforts are ...

Implications of Migration - Topic of First Forum

Last week we launched the first in a quarterly series of forums to discuss pressing questions facing state policymakers, focusing on current research and areas of research that could be pursued in order to better inform policy leaders and drive decision-making. 

The first forum provided an in-depth look at migration, examining the trends in data and dispelling the anecdotes and headlines that discuss a net loss in population. In fact, Connecticut saw a net inflow ...

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