Secretary of the State Business Search

Search for businesses operating in Connecticut by name, location, or type

Business Formation Patterns

Historic business formation data in Connecticut

Town Profiles

Explore and compare multiple indicators by town and county.

Racial Profiling Prohibition Project

View traffic stop data for each police district in the state

Data Dashboard for 6 CT Regions

Explore data on a variety of topics for the 6 CT regions – a project of CONNECT

Civic Health Index

Explore data from the Secretary of the State’s Connecticut Civic Health Index

Early Childhood Portal

View our early childhood datasets at a glance

Living in an Aging Connecticut

Explore our joint data story, produced in partnership with the Connecticut Council on Aging

State Grants to Towns

Explore interactive visualizations of state grant data provided to municipalities and provided here in partnership with the Legislative Office of Fiscal Analysis

Connecticut Regional Data Stories

Get picture of the region focusing on demographic, education, and health indicators

Connecticut Town Aid

Using a framework based on the municipal fiscal disparity analysis developed by the New England Public Policy Center, CTData provides an interactive tool for trimming non-school state grant aid to towns in a more equitable manner

Early Development Instrument

Results from the Early Development Instrument (EDI), a kindergarten assessment tool implemented in Windsor and East Hartford

Housing Portal

Explore, download, and analyze housing data in your town

Migration and Population Trends in CT

Is there really ‘mass exodus’ from Connecticut?

SEOW Prevention Data Portal

Bringing together Connecticut’s epidemiological data on substance abuse

Hartford Data Portal

Data story & Census tract level data for Hartford

Aggregate Margins of Error

Use this tool to combine smaller geographies into larger ones with recalculated margins of error

Census Tract → Town

Look up which towns Connecticut Census tracts belong to

American Community Survey 2017 Map

Comparison map for various ACS topics for Connecticut

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