Updated Connecticut Town Profile data now available at profiles.ctdata.org. This is a project in partnership with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc (CERC). The Connecticut Data Collaborative annually updates 54 datasets that are contained in the profiles. Data are accessible in two ways: 

  1. Through the interactive tables which allows one to compare multiple municipalities or 
  2. Via a two-page PDF similar to what was previously produced by CERC 
Both 2016 and 2017 versions of the profiles are available in PDF format. To access the profiles from our homepage, click 'Data' then go to 'Data by Location.'

The primary sources of the data are from the Census or state agency public data. However, we often get asked about the source of the Municipal Grand List Top 10 and Top Employers data. Each year, CERC contacts municipal officials in each municipality asking for the data directly and compiles it into a dataset. However, not all towns report data each year. If data were not provided we display the most recent year of data that was provided but if it is more than three years old, no data will display.