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Data Engagement Specialist, Connecticut Data Collaborative (CTData)
CTData, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a public-private partnership, striving for informed decision-making across Connecticut. We empower an ecosystem of data users by democratizing access to public data and building data literacy skills. The Collaborative serves residents, nonprofits, policymakers, and funders in using data to drive policy, program and service improvements. To learn more, visit ctdata.org.

The Data Engagement Specialist will help the CTData team build and support a statewide learning community around the use of data to drive planning and policy. This position will also help increase utilization of our core project- the CTData.org website which provides access to a wide range of data, powerful tools to analyze and present the data, and a place to present “data stories” which bring it to life.

As part of a small team, the Data Engagement Specialist will have the following duties:

  • Help with curating and analyzing data;
  • Envision and create data stories to feature on ctdata.org;
  • Develop, implement and hold training sessions for user groups across the state;
  • Assist in communications with members of the learning community;
  • Support for development of project and funding proposals for the work.


  • Strong educational background in social sciences, public policy, or a related field;
  • Strong communication and outreach skills;
  • Experience in analyzing and communicating data;
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively with staff on projects in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and within tight timeframes;
  • Commitment to a high quality of work and desire to have a social impact;
  • Curiosity and love of data.


  • A bachelor’s degree or advanced degree, or the equivalent combination of training or experience, is preferred but is not a requirement;
  • Interest and/or knowledge of cutting-edge ways to analyze, visualize, or describe existing raw data sets in ways that make them more useful to the general public;
  • Knowledge of principles and applications of social science and public policy, including but not limited to statistics, survey methods, geography, economics, environmental issues, education, and public health;
  • Experience working on public policy issues in Connecticut;
  • Familiarity in using R or Python for data processing.

Position is a full-time or contractor position depending on applicant preference; compensation commensurate with education and experience.

Please submit your cover letter and resume via email to mrn@ctdata.org. The cover letter must explain your interest in the position, your preferred start date(s) and describe your relevant experience.