I’m re-posting an older post where we were looking for support for HB 5517. Great news, the legislation was passed on the last night of the session! Thank you to everyone who advocated, testified, and wrote letters to their legislators. We are excited about the components of the legislation (there’s more than only codifying EO#39). Join our open data call on Tuesday from 3-4 to learn more from the State’s Chief Data Officer, Tyler Kleykamp.

Public hearing is today at GAE for HB 5517 “AAC Executive Branch Data Management and Processes.” This bill will increase access to public executive brand data agencies by codifying the provisions of Executive Order 39, including codifying the Chief Data Officer position. In addition, the bill creates a Connecticut Board of Data Analysis Technology Advisory Board, institute an iterative process improvement of continuous improvement of state agency data practices, and promotes open access to government data for public review and commentary,
respecting privacy and related legal concerns.

It’s never too late to reach out to your Senator and Representatives and show your support! Please feel free to use points from our testimony when you email your support to your representatives.