When you think about making better decisions through data, you might think about numbers, percentages, and bar charts. 

But the insights you can gain through words can be just as powerful. 

That’s why we’re launching a new training: Analyzing Qualitative Data.
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I entered the “data world” through the door of qualitative data. Working primarily on program evaluation, I used observation data, conversation scripts, interviews, meeting notes, emails, as well as surveys with quantitative items, to understand what was happening with a program. 

This multi-faced data gave me deep insight into the experience of participants in these programs. I was able to make recommendations about how the programs could be improved in very specific ways. 

We not only knew whether people were satisfied. We also knew why

Even as I have become more skilled at quantitative analysis, I have been reminded of the power of quantitative data. 

Recently, I gathered testimonials from CTData Academy participants. The responses highlighted some benefits participants had experienced that I hadn’t known about or planned for. 

This information gave me ideas of how I could more proactively focus on ensuring every participant experiences those benefits.

At CTData, we believe you can improve the work of your organization with qualitative data, too.

You have insights just waiting to be found in your qualitative data.

In this training you’ll learn:

  • what qualitative data are and where to find them,
  • how to categorize (code) qualitative data,
  • how to work with teams when analyzing qualitative data, and 
  • how to compile what you learn.

If you’d like to learn how you can find the hidden insights in your qualitative data, head on over to the CTData Academy page to sign up for one of our upcoming sessions.

We are grateful to our partner, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, for supporting this training.

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