Need help crafting a narrative from your findings? Which data visualization will have the most impact on your audience? What are the best tools and resources to have in your arsenal?

If your organization struggles with these types of questions, we’ll cover the answers in depth at our Data Storytelling workshop, next Wednesday, January 30th from 10 am–12 pm at our offices in Hartford. There is a $25 fee.

In this program, we bring together best practices in data reporting and data visualization, as we guide participants through several exercises to learn how to create effective data stories. Participants will benefit most if they have engaged with our introductory workshop, Data Basics. CTData is also excited to share some of the latest insights from Tapestry, a conference dedicated to digital storytelling that we attended in November. We ask that participants bring their own laptops to be able to practice and engage in some of the activities.

Register here to become a better data storyteller.