The Connecticut Data Collaborative (CTData) has been designated as the lead organization in the U.S. Census Bureau’s State Data Center Program and Connecticut’s official source for Census data, as the state and nation approach the 2020 Census.  The designation was made on behalf of the State of Connecticut by Governor Dannel Malloy, and is effective immediately.

The State Data Center (SDC) Program is a cooperative agreement between the states and the U.S. Census Bureau. State Data Centers assist the Census Bureau by disseminating Census and other federal statistics. The State Data Center program is one of the Census Bureau’s longest and most successful partnerships, established in 1978.

As a State Data Center partner, CTData is the official local resource to contact with questions about accessing and interpreting this data. In addition to Census data, CTData will also make state public data available in an accessible format.  As Connecticut’s Census State Data Center, CTData’s core responsibilities under the designation include:

  • Providing press releases about data trends throughout Connecticut
  • Providing quick tutorials on how to access the data online
  • Answering questions posed about the data
  • Marketing available datasets through various networks
  • Providing a statewide data portal
  • Partnering with local governments in maintaining proper boundary files at the Census Bureau

“We look forward to assuming this pivotal role as the lead agency in Connecticut in the dissemination of data related to the Census,” said Michelle Riordan-Nold, Executive Director of the Connecticut Data Collaborative. “The mission of the national State Data Center program is to empower data users with understandable, accurate and timely information – and that is precisely the focus of our work in Connecticut, so it is a perfect fit and will benefit public sector and private sector organizations throughout the state.”

CT Data is launching a section of its website,, which will provide links to various data sets, including in the areas of housing, health, education and demographics.  More than 30 data sets have been linked thus far.  The site will include a “Census Business Builder,” which provides small businesses with a user-friendly way to explore data.

“It is quite exciting that the State of Connecticut has demonstrated its commitment in getting data to both public and private sector organizations throughout the State.  I look forward to partnering with the Connecticut Data Collaborative in disseminating data,” said Ana-Maria Garcia, Data Dissemination Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau.

“The designation as the State Data Center complements their existing work and will centralize data resources for the state. I am excited to have CTData as a partner as we continue to grow the data ecosystem,” said Tyler Kleykamp, the state’s Chief Data Officer, in the Office of Policy and Management.

As the Census State Data Center, CTData will provide Census trainings both in-person and by webinar, to showcase new Census data and tools. We will also develop our own tools that help make Census data more accessible. Stay tuned!