On September 13th and 14th, the CT Data Collaborative’s, Michelle Riordan-Nold and Rachel Leventhal-Weiner, will participate in and present at the Association for Public Data Users (APDU) Conference in Arlington, Virginia. The APDU is a consortium of data users and producers across the country concerned with state and federal data collection and dissemination. They provide members with helpful information about federal budgeting, data collection tools, and innovations in data visualization.

This year’s conference is all about communicating data. We will hear from the country’s Chief Statistician, from big data corporations, private philanthropy, municipal leaders and federal agency leaders about their efforts to use public data. As a statewide advocate for open-data, we are eager to expand our toolkit learning from data leaders around the country.

We will also be making two presentations to APDU attendees. Michelle will present on a project with the Secretary of the State’s office around liberating business registration data, and Rachel will present on the Data Academy products and our progress in delivering workshops to the public. Both of these projects highlight our statewide efforts to liberate data and to increase confidence in using and communicating data.

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