Sarah Eisele-Dyrli

Are helpful insights hiding in your qualitative data?

When you think about making better decisions through data, you might think about numbers, percentages, and bar charts.  But the insights you can gain through words can be just as powerful.  That’s why we’re launching a new training: Analyzing Qualitative Data. I entered the “data world” through the door of qualitative data. Working primarily on program evaluation, I used observation data, conversation scripts, interviews, meeting notes, emails, as well as surveys with quantitative items, to understand what was happening with…

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Exciting New Project: Youth and Data Literacy

Here at CTData, we enjoy every opportunity to work with people to increase their data literacy skills so they can better use data to inform their decisions. In 2019 alone, we’ve had over 275 adults attend our workshops. But starting next month, we’re going to be training a new group of Connecticut’s residents: high school students. On October 1, Elizabeth Grim, Ilya Ilyankou, and I get to work with seniors in the IT program at A.I. Prince Technical High School…

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