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Determining state-to-state migration with tax returns

The IRS has released Migration Data for 2015-2016. These data look at year-to-year address changes reported on individual income tax returns. These data track state and county level in and out flows of tax returns along with providing aggregate Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). A net-migration number for states and counties can be calculated looking at the difference between the inflows and outflows. Even though AGI is provided, it cannot be used to calculate income losses or gains. These back-of-the-envelope calculations can lead…

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Population Growth in Connecticut

The Census Bureau has released the 2017 population estimates for all towns in Connecticut. From July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017: Connecticut’s net population grew by an estimated 499 people. Stamford tops the list as the town with the highest numeric increase of people, estimated at 1,170 people While Bloomfield had the highest percent increase from 2016 to 2017, with a 3.9% increase. The following table lists the top 15 towns with the largest numeric population increase between July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017: Rank Town Numeric…

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Are the Outcomes of Stops Different Across Racial Groups?

This is a re-release of the original post from November. The diagram below now includes Hispanic drivers. When distinguishing between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic drivers, you can observe a more accurate representation of the population across Connecticut. In this data story, we explore the outcomes of traffic stops. Is there a difference by race in the issuance rate of warnings, tickets or some other outcome? In particular, is there a difference by race in terms of the type of infractions imposed on…

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Traffic Stop Statistics in Connecticut

In partnership with the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy at Central Connecticut State University, we are providing an overview of the three years of data collected as part of the Racial Profiling Prohibition Project. First, we look at the different traffic stop categories: Motor Vehicle Violations, Equipment Violations, and Investigative Stops. Then, we examine the breakdown of those categories into reasons why drivers get pulled over. Some reasons may fall under different categories. For example, a stop for registration…

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