Lead Developer

Striving for informed decision-making across Connecticut, the CT Data Collaborative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, established in 2009, empowers an ecosystem of data users by democratizing access to public data and building data literacy. CTData serves residents, nonprofits, policymakers, and funders in using data to drive policy, program and service improvements.

We are seeking a lead developer to join our team to help us continue to refine and perfect our data visualization, story-building, and data engagement processes.

You are ideally someone who is self-motivated and enjoys solving interesting problems and is excited about:

  • Building enjoyable experiences that work across users’ many devices and browsers
  • Collaborating on rethinking and rebuilding our data story pages, as well as other pages across our website
  • Building on and improving our front-end build workflow
  • Helping develop a modular style guide
  • Developing effective data visualizations
  • Working closely with external stakeholders to define project goals and objectives

You will be part of a team that is constantly improving our organization’s systems, as well as prototyping new tools. We use a modern workflow (including Gulp, Docker, and Sass), and you will always have a new challenge to take on. In a typical day, you might prototype and build a new project page, develop an interactive data visualization, refactor some Sass code, plan and help conduct user testing for our site, or help develop a new data engagement training module.

We use a range of technologies including:

  • Python, particularly Django and Flask for web application development
  • React, Leaflet and D3 for developing data visualizations and user interfaces
  • PostgresSQL
  • R and Python (including Jupyter) for cleaning and testing data
  • Github for version control
  • CKAN for data management
  • Ansible and Docker for server configuration and application deployment
  • Amazon Web Services (including, but not limited to S3, EC2 and more recently Lambda for single purpose API development) for infrastructure

It would be nice if you:

  • Have worked with a templating engine or web framework (jinja2, liquid, handlebars, etc.)
  • Have used Sass, Less, or another CSS extension language to write your CSS
  • Have experience with a build system, like Grunt, Gulp, or Webpack (we typically use Gulp)
  • Have experience with user testing and user experience research
  • Have experience interacting with Python, Django, Flask or other back-end code (we are primarily a Python shop, but are happy to bring new knowledge in)
  • Have worked with javascript frameworks (AngularJS, React, etc.)
  • Have experience exploring and finding stories in data (we use R, Python and Tableau to do this)
You don’t need to know all of these, but you should have demonstrable experience and knowledge of more than one and be able to show that you can rapidly acquire new technology skills as needed.

Would be great to have:

  • Awareness of and experience with open data tools and a variety of different data storage technologies
  • Understanding of open source software
  • Familiarity with modern visualization tools that users could leverage to improve data understanding

If you’d like to apply, please send us:

  • A cover letter explaining why you’re excited about the job
  • A resumé
  • Links to a few things you’re particularly proud of (projects in the wild, your GitHub repo, a web portfolio, sketches of user interfaces, etc.)

Email your materials, or any questions about the role, to info@ctdata.org and mention “Lead Developer" in the subject. Also, we’d love it if you let us know where you ran across this job listing.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.